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How to refinish a wood door

The exterior wood door on my house has been exposed to sun light for so long that the door is now in bad shape. The wood actually feels rough and has sort of blackened and faded. Can you give me advice on what needs to be done to refinish my door?

How do I remove the glue from old floors for sanding?

I have a 80 year old house with good oak hard wood floors. The previous owner had glue on commercial carpets on these floors. I want to remove this carpet and refinish the floors. Question is how do I remove the glue to clear the floor for sanding?

I have maple doors and baseboard, all chopped up due to wheel chairs, etc.

Can I stain maple with some kind of stain, and what would I use to bring its luster back. I do have that stick which erases some marks and it is good but not for a large job.

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