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Solar Heating and Cooling Near San Jose, California

We're building an 1800 square foot home using passive solar principles--mostly south facing windows, a Trombe wall that stores heat in the day, then radiates it at night, etc. We will have an freestanding gas fireplace in the living room for heating. In San Jose's mild climate, would lack of a heating and cooling system affect future resale value?

What tools I need to install a faucet?

What tools I need to install a faucet? Any tips and advice to make this as painless as possible? Thanks.

Personal Versus Landscaping Water Costs

Annual rainfall here in San Jose, California, is about 15", distributed fairly evenly. I can't tell from my water bill what percentage of water use (and expense) is for household use versus landscaping, but my son's science project says a California family of four like ours uses a whopping 174,000 gallons per year! Our typical mixed landscaping covers about 3500 square feet. What percentage of my water utility costs and usage might be for landscaping?

Cement Board Siding Gaps Between Ends

I bought a house with cement board siding and every single butt end has a space about a 1/2 inch. It looks as though it wasnt put up correctly, it has no caulking on ends by any trim. What can I do to fix this?

Are RTF Laminates Good Enough?

I'm trying to cost out a new set of kitchen cabinets and drawers. A friend said he had decent wear resistance from his RTF laminate cabinet job. How does the RTF compare with plastic? We live in California. Cheapest is not always best when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

Basement Waterproofing Membrane

I'm looking to protect my newly done basement in San Jose with floor sealant before moving into the home office I've completed. It's a level concrete floor and there's no sign of moisture. The membranes are mostly made for commercial use, right? I'd like to find an affordable one to try at home.

EPA Lead Law Regarding Retrofit Windows

I want to replace my windows in my pre-1978 home with retrofit vinyl windows. Does the new EPA lead rules apply to retrofit projects or just new construction window replacement?

The Cost of Cabinet Panel Failure

I thought the panels in the kitchen cabinets looked a little swollen, but now a carpenter tells me that three are actually buckled. I don't think anything cosmetic can help. Am I looking at a total cabinet replacement, or can the existing cabinet doors be fixed and matched correctly? Is the savings of repair over replacement worth considering?

How to Incorporate Green Remodeling

I want to remodel my kitchen, but I want to incorporate green remodeling if possible. What options are available for passive and active solar and other green technologies in kitchens? I live in San Jose, CA.

How to Refurbish Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I want to give my kitchen a new look without spending a fortune. I think that either putting up new cabinet doors or refinishing the existing ones would go a long way toward updating the kitchen. What is involved in refinishing my kitchen cabinet doors, and what is the cost differential of replacing them?

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