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How can I install my kitchen faucet if the holes in the countertop were drilled too big?

The holes in my new granite counter tops were drilled to big for the faucet plumbing. Now the faucet will not sit firm because the nut on the underside of the counter is not big enough for the over-sized holes. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

Is Cabinet Installation a Do-It-Yourself Task?

The house we bought has new kitchen cabinets and we asked that the old cabinets be left in the garage. We can use them in the garage for storage. There's a six-foot run and an eight foot run of upper and lower cabinets. Approximately what might it cost to get them installed?

Costs of Kitchen Lighting for Remodeling Project

My kitchen has a set of 6' long parallel track lights--the kind with exposed tracks and swivel tube-style lamps. Where they're placed is fine, but I'd prefer less obtrusive amiable recessed lights. What budget range should I plan for the drywall, painting, and electrical work involved?

What is the average cost of laminate wood flooring?

What is the average cost to replace carpet with laminate wood flooring in a living room? The total square foot is about 1000 square feet. I want to do it myself, but if professional installation cost is reasonable I would consider hiring a pro.

Questions to Ask a Kitchen Remodeler

A question was ask on this site about questions to ask a contractor. I am looking to remodel my kitchen. Are there any specific questions about a kitchen job that I want to ask a kitchen remodeler?

Best Way to Add Natural Light

The kitchen in my San Francisco home gets little natural light and I'd like more because I spend lots of time there. Which would serve me better: a skylight, solar tube, or something else? Why?

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