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Using adheisives to attach exterior trim

I have a stucco house and want to install some wood trim around the door. What's the best way to attach the molding if I don't want to start drilling through the stucco siding?

Water Damage Due to Contractor Error

My contractor was adding a second story to my home. After taking off the roof, the contractor improperly secured the tarp on the house before a major rainstorm and the result was that my entire house was waterlogged (all dry wall was soaked) and my custom made 3/4" solid oak with mahogany inlay floors were destroyed. The contractor wants to take care of this rather than involve his insurance but by my estimates the cost to repair could be 30%-50% of what we contracted for the remodel. The contractor is already making judgment calls about which walls to completely tear out the drywall and which to save...but when I recently tested some of the walls the contractor recommended we leave in place they had moisture levels of 100%. Though I wanted to let the contractor take care of it, I am thinking that we need to have his insurance company pay us for the damages and then I can pay him a proper amount to fix the damage rather than leave the contractor in a position where he needs to cut corners to be whole on this project. What is your opinion? Should we get insurance involved?

Can the building inspector require me to replace the wiring?

I recently had a new boiler installed in the basement of a rental property which required the city building inspector to come in and inspect. Unfortunately I was not there as I live out of state but the company that installed the boiler and my tenant were with him. During his inspection he noticed that my basement wiring may not be up to code. I'm not 100% sure what is going on but he mentioned to my tenant something about an electrical inspection. I know it would be wise to replace my wiring if it is outdated and not up to code but my question is, can the building inspector require me to replace the wiring? What if I honestly can't afford it at the given time?

Fireproof Decks for a San Diego, California, Home

We're trying to be fire-wise in our new home in the hills outside of San Diego, California. We're specifying stucco walls and tile roofing. Our decks will cantilever over steep grassy slopes. What's the best material for fire-resistant decks?

Water coming into our living room from the front door.

I just moved into a studio that has water coming into our living room from the front door. How do I direct the rainwater away from into my house. I am hoping not to have to regrade. Any ideas?

Removing Concrete Stains for a San Diego Home Addition

I want to remodel the garage into an extra bedroom. I think we'll cover the concrete with laminate, but until we get the money for that, I want to get out the oil stains. There all kinds of detergents including TSP, but I was told there's a motorized deep cleaner that you can rent for the job. Do you know about them?

Icemaker Water Line: Quick Fix or More Expensive Fix

We have a new fridge with icemaker. The pre-existing water line (copper) has never been used - put in with a remodel 7 yrs ago, is not yet connected to the water source. We called in a plumber who advised against using it: 1) it shows some signs of oxidation; 2) it's threaded behind solid wood cabinets, and somehow was threaded over/around a doorway (it must be inside the wall) and 20+ feet later, reaches the fridge alcove. Plus, we have very hard water (no water softener). Instead, he proposes running an aqua flex line from an upstairs bathroom line, through the ceiling, and down to a box behind fridge (shorter distance, less risk of leakage) - for $1000+ (will include some other minor plumbing issues). Is he overselling the risk? He said the original lin e would be a home inspector's red flag, and he wouldn't guarantee the quick fix, other than the installation of the valve. What do you think?

Home Addition to Include a Tray Ceiling

My husband and I are planning a home addition with a new master bedroom. We really want an elegant look. A neighbor suggested adding a "tray ceiling" to add height and drama. How much would we be adding to the cost of this home addition? Are there other ceiling options we might consider that have a nice impact but are less expensive?

How much to replace old hand-crank windows?

I take care of the 93 yr old lady next door, known her for 40 years. She needs to replace three windows that have hand crank openers. She wants something easy to open and in her buget. What kind of cost am I looking at?

Recommended Glass for a Sunroom Roof

I plan to add a sunroom onto my living room, and I'd like it to have a glass roof to allow for views of the beautiful San Diego sky. What type of glass do you suggest I have installed for maximum energy efficiency and to avoid drastic temperature fluctuations inside?

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