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Costs for Venetian Plaster Kitchen Painting

Since I saw a Texas showroom house with Venetian Plaster, I've wanted it in my kitchen. Painting is not my hubby's forte, though, and I never worked with plaster. Do you just put it on with a trowel and sandpaper it after it dries? Is there a way to use it on a test surface to see if I'm up to it?

Costs and Materials for Kitchen and Dining Room Lighting

A year after a complete kitchen remodeling job here in San Antonio I've discovered that they're phasing out incandescent bulbs. The new compact fluorescent ones look terrible when they're off, but make good light. The trouble is that the new bulbs may not work with the touch dimmer switches in the kitchen and dining room. Are there models of fluorescents that work on all dimmers? The new bulbs are cheap but what's the cost of upgrading hardware?

Tax Breaks for Remodeling

It's tough right now affording any major remodeling, but we'd like to redo the kitchen and a half-bathroom in our San Antonia home. I've been reading about tax breaks this year for doing remodeling with materials that save energy. Is that for windows? Can you tell me more about the tax breaks and which kind of remodeling is covered?

How to Extend a Patio

I want to enlarge the size of my concrete patio in San Antonio. How do I pour additional concrete to tie into the existing patio and make sure I have good drainage?

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