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What are my options for painting exterior vinyl siding?

I was thinking of painting my now discolored vinyl siding that has weathered for the last 20 years - as opposed to replacement. There has been no leaks and other than discoloration, the material has no cracks and is still very pliable. One of my friends told me about Moorlife Acrylic Flat Paint N105 as an option which can be tinted color-match.

Electrical Load Calculators

I'm doing a home addition in Minnesota (a small bathroom) and I want to know the right way to perform an electrical load calculation for the box. I've priced commercial electrical load calculation software and it's more expensive than I thought. Do you know of any online load calculators?

My radiators are knocking. What can I do?

My radiators are knocking. They make a lot of noise. It is like water is rushing through the ceiling. What could be the problem?

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