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Who can I hire to restore my old wood windows?

My sunroom's old wood windows are weathered and in bad shape. I would replace the windows, but I live in a historic district and the cost would be astronomical. I would like to have someone clean the window sashes and sand down the window frames, then refinish all the wood with some sort of exterior sealer. What kind of contractor does this type of work? There are 7 windows total, what might project cost me?

How to Refinish Wood Flooring

The wood flooring in my St. Louis home has seen a lot of wear and tear. It has nicks, dents, stains, and a dull finish. How do I go about refinishing it?

Roof Repair: DIY or Outsource?

My roof is showing its age. Shingles are missing or crooked, and I've recently noticed a small leak that's collecting moisture in my attic space. Is roof repair a project I can do myself? Or should I hire a contractor that specializes in this particular area of home improvement?

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