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Fastening Drywall to Studs

Is there a most effective method for fastening drywall to studs? I've seen a couple of different methods for attaching drywall. Method 1 involved separating nails/screws vertically about every vertical foot or so along the stud. Method 2 grouped 2 nails/screws (about 3 inches apart) vertically about every 1.5 - 2 feet. The grouping method seems most desirable from a plastering perspective (less places to apply & sand) but is one method better than the other?

How to Install Tile Floors in a Kitchens

I want to replace an old linoleum floor in my kitchen with tile. What is the best type of tile to use? Do I need to remove the linoleum, or can I put the new the tile over it? What are the step-by-step instructions for laying a tile floor?

How to Paint the Exterior of a House

My house is badly in need of exterior paint. I have never tackled this task, and need to know what is involved. What is the best house paint to use, what special tools do I need, and what is the sequence of events in painting the house?

How to Refurbish Kitchen Cabinet Doors

I want to give my kitchen a new look without spending a fortune. I think that either putting up new cabinet doors or refinishing the existing ones would go a long way toward updating the kitchen. What is involved in refinishing my kitchen cabinet doors, and what is the cost differential of replacing them?

How to Create Storage Space over a Garage

When considering home addition(s) to provide extra storage space, I noticed that there is a large space between the ceiling and roof of my attached garage. However there is no access to this space. How can I install a trapdoor, ladder?

How to Convert a Covered Patio Into a Sunroom

I have an existing covered patio, but my wife has decided she would prefer a sunroom. Are there any sunroom designs that would make it possible to incorporate the existing redwood patio cover into a sunroom? If not, how would I go about designing a conversion?

How to Panel Walls When Remodeling Basements

I want to remodel my basement for a recreation room, and I want to put up paneling on the walls. How do I go about attaching the paneling to the existing concrete block walls? Should I use insulation? How do I handle openings for electrical outlets and light switches?

How to Paint a Home's Interior

I have no experience with painting, but my home's interior badly needs new paint. Besides paint, what tools and materials will I need to do a good job? Approximately how long will painting each room take, and what will it cost? What special techniques do painters use to do a fast job and still get professional results?

How to Build a Sunroom

I want to build a sunroom off my family room for entertaining. How complicated is it to build a sunroom? Can I purchase a prefabricated sunroom that is easily assembled, or is it better to have the sunroom custom-designed to fit my home's architecture?

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