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Is my contractor responsible for accidental flooding?

While removing my home's old floors, the flooring contractor accidentally cut a water line that was running right under the plywood subfloor. Although he turned off the water before to much water flooded the crawlspace, there is going to be some plumbing repairs needed. Who should pay for the damage?

Double pane argon windows: what to do when windows are improperly installed

I currently have Pella Impervia fiberglass, low e, double pane, argon gas filled windows in my home. I have discovered that the original installation was not done correctly, and I will need to have it re-done in order to meet code. If argon gas filled windows are installed improperly, what will be the effects of a reinstallation?

Room Addition Labor Hours

I have recently completely gutted my home, and I'm adding a 30x24 addition and a 24x24 garage. I have hired the framing out. My question.....is there any reason this should take more than 80 hours of labor? The foundation is complete, all I'm asking is for it to be framed and under roof and fanfolled and windows put in?

Cabinet Installation in a Yolo, California, Home Art Studio

I've ordered inexpensive cabinets to turn my third, drywalled garage bay into an art studio. I can assemble the cabinets. There will be 16 linear feet of standard upper and lower cabinets. Countertops will be polyurethane plywood. Where do I find installers, and what's a ball park price for countertop and cabinet installation?

Contractor Markups on a Home Addition

I'm suffering from sticker shock on the bids for a kitchen remodel and a new small bedroom addition. Two contractors have bidded with more than a 20 percent markup on materials. Is this a reasonable markup on a home addition or should I keep getting estimates?

Do I need architectural drawings first to get an estimate on an additions project?

I am getting ready to go to the bank to apply for the funds to add an addition to my house. I have an architect who is suppose to draw the house plan. She is telling me I need to get a quote from the contractor before she does the drawing. So should I ask a contactor how much it is going to cost without the actual drawings? What is the general process here? Who does what first?

What Should I Do About a Leaning Chimney?

The tall brick chimney on our North Carolina cabin is beginning to lean away from the house. Right now there is only about a foot of space there, but I know it will grow. What can I do about this?

Is Aluminum Wiring Safe or Should it be Replaced?

My question is about electrical wiring. My Lexington, Kentucky home has aluminum wiring throughout, and I know that can be a bad thing. How can I tell if it needs to be replaced?

What are some red flags to tip us off to inefficient contractors?

I've heard stories about contractors who fail to put the finishing touches on remodeling jobs. We are about to do some general remodeling in our Amarillo home and would like some tips on how to pick a contractor who will get our job done promptly. Could you give some red flags to look for when selecting a contractor?

Should roof be re-shingled or replaced?

The asphalt roof on our Oregon house is 20 years old and it looks like there's another layer underneath. The roofing is beginning to come apart in places and curl up in other spots. Should we have the whole roof removed and reinstalled with a new one--or can we tell the contractors to just add another layer on top of the old roof?

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