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What is the Cost Savings for Removable Wallpaper?

I went online and looked at removable wallpaper for our Washington home addition. We want to use the room as a guest room until we have children. I want to know what the walls look like when you take it down and if there are places where the sun fades the paint. And how much does the wallpaper cost?

Planning a Home Addition I Can Afford

I've read that kitchen and small bath additions have a good return on investment. But my husband would rather add a sunroom. Considering we live in Chicago, is his idea better than the kitchen or bath addition?

Will adding dormers to my home increase the living space and height?

I have a cape cod style home and the upstairs is attic space with the room's height being in the roof line; so, the ceilings are at an extreme angle with no head room. I would like to make this a master suite; can more living space and height be obtained without raising the roof line? Is this a case for dormers?

Do I need architectural drawings first to get an estimate on an additions project?

I am getting ready to go to the bank to apply for the funds to add an addition to my house. I have an architect who is suppose to draw the house plan. She is telling me I need to get a quote from the contractor before she does the drawing. So should I ask a contactor how much it is going to cost without the actual drawings? What is the general process here? Who does what first?

Can I get by with framing on 2' centers or will I need 16" centers?

I'm building an outbuilding on my property that will be approximately 20x40 with an attic for storage, can I get by with framing on 2' centers or will I need 16" centers?

What is the average cost of 2 bay 30x30 garage addition?

What is the average cost of 2 bay 30x30 garage with 1 room studio apartment overtop? The studio possibly could include a bathroom and kitchen, with some storage area. A ballpark estimate?

Can a addition be added on to a manufactured home?

I live in a 1998 built manufactored home. We are doing some upgrades and are considering adding a small room onto the house. Is it possible?

Is Framing Walls a Job for the Experts?

I just bought a small house in Yuba City, California with tiny closets. There's a bit of room to add on and I'd like to add a walk-in closet. I know adding on means framing walls. Is this something an experienced DIY'er could handle or should I hire a contractor?

Should House Additions to Our Brick Home Go Upstairs Or Out the Sides?

Our Charlottesville, VA, home has brick exterior walls. We want to create house additions for a home office and a small hobby room. Our roof line is simple--one ridge. Should our home additions create a new second story, or is it feasible to open up the solid brick walls?

Do I Need Extra Floor Support for a Room Addition Housing a Pool Table and Piano?

The winters in St. Cloud, MN prompted us to plan a winter hangout room addition across the back of the house for our pre-teen kids. It will have a wood foundation. There will be a pool table, an old upright grand piano, and workout equipment in the addition. How can I achieve a really solid foundation for this room addition?

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