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How should I settle a dispute with my roofing contractor?

My roofing contractor quoted me a price of $4000 for all labor and materials for my home's new roof. After the job was complete he tried to charge me $4300, claiming that he had added expenses for some plywood sheathing. Do I need to pay him the extra money?

How much does it cost to replace an asphalt shingled roof?

My 1200 sq.ft. home needs a new roof. How much might it cost to hire a contractor to tear off the old shingles and install new asphalt shingles? Thank you.

Best Roofing Material for Salty Air and Strong Winds

We're Midwesterners and will be renovating a home we bought in Atlantic City, New Jersey. What is the best roofing material for withstanding a combination of salty air and strong winds?

Explain the Combined Costs of Roofing Installation and Materials

I assume that some roofing products are more expensive to purchase, but less expensive to install, or visa versa. Considering roofing material cost and labor together, what's a rough cost per square foot for roofs such as asphalt shakes, Mexican tile, and metal panel?

Are There Any Truly Fireproof Roofing Materials That Are Affordable?

My 3-tab shingle roof needs replacing and my home is only one block from a mixed evergreen and deciduous forest. Tile, slate, metal and cement shake roofs are fireproof, I'm sure. Are there less costly versions of the roofing materials mentioned?

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