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How should I settle a dispute with my roofing contractor?

My roofing contractor quoted me a price of $4000 for all labor and materials for my home's new roof. After the job was complete he tried to charge me $4300, claiming that he had added expenses for some plywood sheathing. Do I need to pay him the extra money?

How Can I Compare Contractor Quotes for a New Roof?

I am replacing the roof on my home. I started the process by receiving multiple quotes on the project. The problem is that the quotes vary wildly in price. How am I supposed to compare and choose the best contractor?

Low Slope Roofing Options

I have a client with a 2/12 pitch roof. The previous homeowner had install arch comp roofing shingles in a 350sq ft area. This area has failed and needs roofing and structural repairs. She doesn't want a roof with differing materials and doesn't like the look of Torch Down. Is there a way to laminate shingles over Torch Down? Is there a value engineered and aesthietic solution to her problem? Thanks!

Explain the Combined Costs of Roofing Installation and Materials

I assume that some roofing products are more expensive to purchase, but less expensive to install, or visa versa. Considering roofing material cost and labor together, what's a rough cost per square foot for roofs such as asphalt shakes, Mexican tile, and metal panel?

Problems With an Old Leaky Roof

Our home is 18 yrs old and we recently began having big problems with leaking roof. When a roofer went to look he was surprised that there wasn't any paper between the plywood and the shingles. Is this typical? How can I find out if it's a code violation? Can I take this up with the builder? We have had small leaking or roofing problems in the eight years we've lived here. This last damage that took shingles off the roof has really caused the on going problem of not being able to find a competent roofer who can permanently fix the problem. Also, all the problems occur over the garage area not the higher area of the rest of the house.

Should roof be re-shingled or replaced?

The asphalt roof on our Oregon house is 20 years old and it looks like there's another layer underneath. The roofing is beginning to come apart in places and curl up in other spots. Should we have the whole roof removed and reinstalled with a new one--or can we tell the contractors to just add another layer on top of the old roof?

Metal mobile home roofing problem

The metal roof on my mobile home is leaking, what is the best way to fix it when you have a limited income?

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