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How much does it cost to replace an asphalt shingled roof?

My 1200 sq.ft. home needs a new roof. How much might it cost to hire a contractor to tear off the old shingles and install new asphalt shingles? Thank you.

How Can I Compare Contractor Quotes for a New Roof?

I am replacing the roof on my home. I started the process by receiving multiple quotes on the project. The problem is that the quotes vary wildly in price. How am I supposed to compare and choose the best contractor?

During what years was asbestos used in roofing products?

I am shopping for a house and want to know if it has an old roof, how to tell if it has asbestos since this would be good to know if the roof has to be repaired or replaced.

Tear-off and replace old roof or shingle over?

My house is 17 years old, we are the original owners. There are no leaks but the original strip shingles are starting to curl up. Roof has two pretty steep valleys that are wearing down through the shingles. I live in the country with a farm field surrounding, with nothing to stop the wind. Should I just replace the roof completely or re-shingle?

Should I consider pitching my old leaky roof?

I have a 3 ply mop down flat roof (3 layers of glass felt, mopped down with asphalt and pea gravel layed on top). The roof has a leak that is getting worst quickly. The roof is at least 20 years old. Should I replace the entire roof, or attempt to repair it, or maybe even consider pitching the roof? I understand that pitching the roof will involve much construction but if I pay for a replacement roof that has to be replaced in 12-15 years, I'm thinking that pitching the roof should at least be considered. The flat roof is about 360 sq feet.

Cost Comparision Between Metal and Shingled Roof

I am looking to replace my old roof. I would like to know what kind of roof is the least expensive? Metal or shingled? Is one better or more ideal for my climate?

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