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Does a cedar shake roof add value to your home?

What type of roof would add more value to my house, a cedar shake roof or an asphalt shingle roof? Thanks in advance.

Rolled roofing: installing a cap sheet

I'm putting a new roof on my house and have already installed some 30# roofing felt to the sheathing. What's the best way to install the cap sheet and what type of adhesive should I use?

How Can I Compare Contractor Quotes for a New Roof?

I am replacing the roof on my home. I started the process by receiving multiple quotes on the project. The problem is that the quotes vary wildly in price. How am I supposed to compare and choose the best contractor?

What are Typical Prices for Torch Down Roofing?

I am having a new torch down roof installed, what should I look for and expect in pricing when I compare quotes for the job?

Explain the Combined Costs of Roofing Installation and Materials

I assume that some roofing products are more expensive to purchase, but less expensive to install, or visa versa. Considering roofing material cost and labor together, what's a rough cost per square foot for roofs such as asphalt shakes, Mexican tile, and metal panel?

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