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What Kind of Prep Is Needed to Apply a Gel Stain to Previously Stained Wood?

I'm refinishing all of my exterior doors in my home and would like to re-do the surface with a gel stain. Do I need to do any additional sanding to the stain that I just applied before applying the gel stain, or can I just apply the gel on top of the new stain?

Refinishing wood floors to create a rustic look

I am refinishing a wood floor and want to leave a little grain / rustic look to the wood, what grit of paper do I stop at? I am staining the wood with a white-wash type stain and finishing with a poly urethane. I am thinking that I can just use several coats of poly to coat the floor and protect it from splintering. Any advice?

Cost Estimate for Restaining Cedar Siding

We are looking to re-stain the exterior of our house. have about 1900 sq.ft. of cedar siding that needs re-staining. What's the approximate cost these days?

Exterior Door Needs Refinishing

I have an exterior door with side lights that need refinishing. Can you recommend the kind of stain and finish I should use? I would like to keep it water based. The door and sidelights are protected with storm doors.

How do I stop knots from bleeding/bleaching my deck?

Every year I stain my deck. Within a few months, the knots begin to bleed through and become a powdery, white substance that runs several inches/feet from the original knot. There are dozens of these and they are unsightly. I have been told there is nothing I can do but paint the deck. I want to continue to stain it. Is painting really my only option?

How do I remove a stain from an oak buffet?

A stainless steel wine chiller was on top of my oak buffet overnight. Now there is a ring stain on the buffet. What can I use to remove the stain?

I have maple doors and baseboard, all chopped up due to wheel chairs, etc.

Can I stain maple with some kind of stain, and what would I use to bring its luster back. I do have that stick which erases some marks and it is good but not for a large job.

How Difficult is Refacing Cabinets?

I have recently put new countertops, appliances, and flooring in my kitchen in Charleston, South Carolina. Now I need to do something with the cabinets, but my budget is very slim. Is re-facing cabinets a good option if the basic structure is sound? How do I go about re-facing them to match the rest of the decor?

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