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Does making a full wall into a half wall change the number of rooms?

I want to make a full wall into a half wall between the kitchen and dining room and add some cabinets and a countertop. Will doing this make it one big kitchen instead if 2 rooms? Concerned about resale value and having to state one less room. Thanks.

Solar Heating and Cooling Near San Jose, California

We're building an 1800 square foot home using passive solar principles--mostly south facing windows, a Trombe wall that stores heat in the day, then radiates it at night, etc. We will have an freestanding gas fireplace in the living room for heating. In San Jose's mild climate, would lack of a heating and cooling system affect future resale value?

Resale Affect of Indianapolis, Indiana, Wine Closet Kitchen Remodel

We want to remove a 24" x 26" x 7' high pantry and replace it with a wine closet with open racks and a small wine refrigerator. There is adequate (not outstanding) kitchen storage for food, pots, pans, etc. without the pantry. About what should we budget, and will this kitchen remodeling be value-neutral when eventually selling the house?

Bathtub or Shower in a Master Bathroom

We're planning a bathroom remodeling for our home in a retirement community in Mesa, Arizona. We'll probably live here five more years. There's a tub in the guest bathroom. Will having a whirlpool bathtub versus a walk-in shower in the master bathroom affect resale value or desirability?

Does Kitchen Remodeling Help Resale Value?

Whoever designed our 50-year Killeen, Texas, home must have hated cooking. All other rooms are well-proportioned but the dining room and kitchen combined are 8 x 12 feet. We'd like to bump out an 8 x 10' kitchen into the level back yard and use the existing spaces as a dining room. We'd use vinyl flooring, medium grade cabinets, standard engery-efficient appliances--nice, not fancy. Many neighborhood homes are being remodeled. Will we recover the kitchen remodeling costs if we sell the house in four or five years?

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