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What's the best way to remove an old dining room and kitchen floor?

In my dining room I have old tile flooring (about 12x12) that meets the oak wood living room floor, flushed. This was put down in 1961. Any suggestions on how to remove this old floor safely and easily?

How much to remove a load-bearing wall?

I am looking at removing approximately 10 feet of a load-bearing wall to support the house correctly. I know there are many factors, but is this possible? Here's what I think we need to do: remove existing wall, support the frame properly, build an arch way, move existing electricity and cable, replace approxiamtely 6" by 10" feet of hardwood and finish.

How to Remove Cabinets for Replacement

We are replacing the old kitchen cabinets in our Sioux Falls home, and we would prefer to do the removal ourselves. However, the cabinets have numerous layers of paint to contend with before we can reach the screws to disassemble them. What's the easiest route to take in removing these cabinets?

I would like to change the carpet in my basement, but it is glued down.

I have done a lot of work in my 40 year old house and all i have left is my basement rug. The rug is like an indoor - outdoor rug and it is glued down, yep glued down. I want to replace it but don't know how to get the old rug up. I need to replace it with something that can be picked up because in the spring my sump pump does work a lot at keeping water out!

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