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Remodeling for the real estate market

;-( where to begin? I need to sell my 12 year old house, which is in need of a lot of work. Is there a logical checklist for which work is done first?

Are contractors willing to give estimates on houses that you do not own?

My wife and I are considering purchasing a house that is need of interior and exterior repairs, but we are unsure of the cost to complete these repairs. The home's below market price reflects its degraded condition, so it could be a perfect fixer upper/investment. Will a contractor give a work estimate on a house we don't even own yet?

Will a Room Addition Add Enough Value?

My home business is growing and I need dedicated office space right now but that means a room addition. We've talked about the possibility of moving within the next five or six years, so an addition needs to make sense for our home's value in that time frame. How can I make sure it will?

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