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Cost Comparision Between Metal and Shingled Roof

I am looking to replace my old roof. I would like to know what kind of roof is the least expensive? Metal or shingled? Is one better or more ideal for my climate?

I need to know some prices on re-doing my cabinets.

I am looking into redoing my cabinets in my bathrooms, laundry, and kitchen. They are white-washed stained. I want them oak stained with a satin finsh on them. What are we looking at in terms of cost?

How much to replace old hand-crank windows?

I take care of the 93 yr old lady next door, known her for 40 years. She needs to replace three windows that have hand crank openers. She wants something easy to open and in her buget. What kind of cost am I looking at?

How much to remove a load-bearing wall?

I am looking at removing approximately 10 feet of a load-bearing wall to support the house correctly. I know there are many factors, but is this possible? Here's what I think we need to do: remove existing wall, support the frame properly, build an arch way, move existing electricity and cable, replace approxiamtely 6" by 10" feet of hardwood and finish.

What needs to be done for a basement floor that cracked open due to water pressure?

What needs to be done for a basement floor that cracked open due to water pressure from all the rain? The rain that has caused a multitude of problems for homeowners everywhere has caused us a problem with our basement. The basement floor craked open and has water gushing from beneath the concrete. What needs to be done and at what costs?

Affordable Patio Materials Options

I would like to replace my boring concrete patio with something more aesthetic and natural looking but don't want to spend a lot of money. What would you suggest for a home in the dry, hot, Phoenix climate?

What is the first step to remodeling the kitchen?

I would like to remodel the kitchen (gut the whole thing out), making it bigger. Do we need to have a general idea, or does the contractor help us figure that out when they come and see the kitchen. Do the contractors get all the cabinets and appliances and it is all one bill or does the customer go and pick that separately. This is the first time we are doing this so not sure where to start. Thanks in advance.

How to Install Countertops Without Breaking the Bank

I'd like to upgrade my laminate countertops without spending too much money--I won't be importing marble to Honolulu. What are your top picks for mid-range countertops?

What is Best in Patio Deck Materials

We have heat and rain in the summer here in Port St. Lucie and cool temperatures in the winter. Would treated wood or manufactured products be best for an outdoor patio deck?

Enclosing a Patio

I already have a concrete patio that is attached to my home, no concrete work needed, but also no roof. I am wondering approximate cost of covering and screening in this area. Shed type roof (slant) not hip and gable, if I hire someone to do this. I prefer wood, not aluminum as I live in Alabama and we get alot of storms/wind. It is 14 feet x 23 feet, and will be attached to my home. Thank you!

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