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What is the average cost of new wood flooring?

Our house has a porch (12'x24') that has only a plywood floor. Can I install some fir flooring on top of it? What does fir wood flooring typically cost?

How do I level a sloped concrete floor?

We have converted our home's exterior patio into an enclosed porch with walls. There is a slope to the concrete floor, which I would like to level prior to framing the interior walls and installing the trim and floor covering. What is the best way to level a sloping concrete floor?

How Much Does a New Porch Foundation Cost?

I am replacing my front porch, and need to build a new foundation. How much should a foundation cost for a 5x9 foot porch? The foundation must be 42'' below grade and needs footings for 2 architectural columns.

Enclosing a Porch as a Sunroom

The east-facing open side porch of our New Haven home is 6' x 12'. It's off the kitchen near the separate garage. We love sunrooms and want to enclose the porch with two insulated walls. There'd be three 4 x 6' windows, a window door, and floor and ceiling insulation and finishes. What is a rough cost?

Kitchen Remodeling: Porch as Foundation

While planning our kitchen remodeling, we found out that the last owners extended one corner of the kitchen over what was a service porch. Should we have the contractor remove the porch and extend the house's foundation each way to cover the corner or just leave the porch as is? How much does it cost to add about 6' of foundation?

Can we build over a front porch?

We are looking at house which we are considering buying. We like the house & the location but the house is a bit small. There is a long, approximately 30 X 4 feet front porch, we were wondering if we can extend the house over the porch so that we can have more space. Or are there other options? Any ideas on what we can do with that long porch area, in terms of increasing the square footage of the house?

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