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Finding a stud in a Popcorn Ceiling

I am trying to hang a 10lb object from my ceiling. I have popcorn ceilings and a flat roof. My stud finder is not helping, I even measured 16" from the south and the west walls and tried putting a nail up to see if I could find it and no stud. How do I find a stud? Do I even need to secure it into one at that weight? Thanks!

How do you plaster over a popcorn ceiling?

Can I put another layer of plaster once the ceiling has been primed for painting? I can still see dimples but I don't want the plaster to fall. Will it stick on a ceiling that has primer on it? And how many coates can I put on the ceiling? Thanks

Replacing Popcorn Ceilings

My family has lived in this Pittsburgh house since the 1960s. We have popcorn ceilings and since we're looking at several remodeling projects, I want to know if there's an asbestos risk. Can we remodel the ceilings safely, or do we need to hire a contractor?

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