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What should I use to finish and protect a wood kitchen table?

We bought a new wood table for our kitchen, which will get a lot of use. It is just raw wood so I want to protect it with something, but I don't want to paint it. What do you suggest?

Basement Waterproofing with Polyurethane

In our Washington, D.C., neighborhood, the basements were originally treated for moisture with bituminous asphalt. I've read that polyurethane is the right product to use now. I'll need a few coats of painting to do the basement right. Do people still use asphalt?

What do I do to make a floor not slick?

I refinished a hardwood floor for an elderly lady and she wanted it shiny and slick so it has oil base polyurethane on it. Now she says she doesn't want it that slick, it is too slippery for her at her age. What are your suggestions that I do? What can I do or put on it to make it not so slick?

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