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Plywood Vs OSB sheathing

Should I use plywood or OSB board for residential exterior sheathing. Also what thickness sheet should I use if the wall studs are 24" apart and the floor joists are 16" apart.Thank you.

Leveling an uneven floor

I need to build up my home's subfloor 1 1/2-inches in the bedrooms so that its level will match the level of the hallway. What is an economical solution to this problem?

How To Lay Carpet Tiles on Wood Floor

I have a small cabin and want to install carpet tiles on the plywood floor. The plywood has been down for about five years. We use area rugs for carpet. How do I prep the floor for carpet tiles? Keep in mind the floor in spots did not have any rug so its been walked on.

Stick-on Tiles Good for Bathroom Floors?

My mom's bathroom has a plywood subfloor. She wants to put stick-on tiles with a grout on the plywood. Would this be OK for a bathroom floor? Will it be durable and non porous with water, humidity, etc?

What thickness board/plywood do you recommend for the decking, for new metal roof?

I was going to use waferboard with a composite roof, but I was told that you should use plywood. Wanted something with a insulation /or foal backing. I am looking at the cost factor also.

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