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How can I install my kitchen faucet if the holes in the countertop were drilled too big?

The holes in my new granite counter tops were drilled to big for the faucet plumbing. Now the faucet will not sit firm because the nut on the underside of the counter is not big enough for the over-sized holes. Is there an easy fix for this problem?

Are building permits required for an interior remodel?

I want to convert my existing home office into a bedroom and add a shower to the existing powder room. Do I need to get a permit?

How to get rid of standing water under a house foundation

There is a horrible smell in my home because of an ongoing plumbing issue (leaky toilet). Although the leak has been fixed, the smell won't leave. I'm pretty sure that there is standing water under the floor slab, but do not how to drain the water? Any ideas?

Issues in Final Stages of Basement Remodeling

I'm currently remodeling the bathroom in the basement. The contractor found some problems in the final stages of the project, and I need help figuring out who is responsible!

What Would Cause New Drainage Around House to Clog?

Due to some old drainage tiles collapsing our basement began to flood. We had a contractor put in a new drainage system around the house. After the repairs, the basement flooding stopped for a short period of time, but then returned. Nobody seems to know what would cause this problem.

Plumbing Issues for New Bathroom

I want to run a new water line to a bathroom(recently added on to our home's main floor) and the existing plumbing is copper piping. Can I use plastic piping for the new water line, or does it have to remain copper all the way to the fixture?

Kitchen Remodeling: Moving Utilities With a Slab Foundation

Our house in southern California has a slab, not a raised foundation. We are talking about kitchen remodeling and are concerned about moving appliances because of the slab. How much will moving the plumbing, the gas line, and electrical outlets add to our overall costs?

How Can I Stop Tree Roots from Growing into my Water Lines?

Our 1902 home in Roanoke, Virginia has several beautiful oak trees around it. However, the roots are growing into the water pipes and wrecking havoc. How can we resolve this issue without taking down those trees?

What type of drill bit can be used to cut-in holes on ceramic for wall/shower plumbing?

What type of drill bit can be used to cut-in holes on ceramic for wall/shower plumbing? I Need to cut holes in ceramic tile for pedestal sink plumbing and shower components. Can a Rotozip be used? If so, what bit? Any info you can pass along would be great. Thanks!

How to Run a Water Line for an Icemaker

Our refrigerator died a few weeks ago, so we invested in a new one with an icemaker, good for those Panama City heat waves! But now we can't figure out how to run the water line to the refrigerator. Our home sits on a slab, and the pipes are in the wall. What are the options?

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