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How can I improve the hot water supply in my house?

It takes several minutes for the hot water in my house to reach the kitchen faucet (which is the furthest away from the hot water heater). How can I improve this situation? Should I add a second tank or a circulation loop? Thanks in advance.

How much might it cost to redo the plumbing in my house?

The plumbing in my 43 year old house has issues(rusty galvanized pipes), and I have decided that it is time to redo all the plumbing. Do you have any idea how much it might cost to replumb a 1300 sq.ft. house that has 1 and 1/2 baths? Thanks for any help.

Is my contractor responsible for accidental flooding?

While removing my home's old floors, the flooring contractor accidentally cut a water line that was running right under the plywood subfloor. Although he turned off the water before to much water flooded the crawlspace, there is going to be some plumbing repairs needed. Who should pay for the damage?

Repairing water damage in a second floor laundry room

We had some water damage in our home's second floor laundry room because the drip pan, which sits under the W & D overflowed. The drain line in the drip pan failed somehow, so after the water filled up the drip pan, it overflowed, eventually soaking through to the lower level. Do I need to replace sheetrock, plywood, or insulation that got wet, but is now dry? Also, what are my options for a floor drain in the laundry room to prevent this from happening again? Thanks for your time.

Can copper pipes cause bad tasting water?

The drinking water in our house has a bad metal taste to it ever since we had new pipes put in. A new water heater was installed and some old cast iron piping was replaced with copper, but now the water actually tastes like a mouthful of pennies. Is there a way to make the bad taste disappear?

How to get rid of standing water under a house foundation

There is a horrible smell in my home because of an ongoing plumbing issue (leaky toilet). Although the leak has been fixed, the smell won't leave. I'm pretty sure that there is standing water under the floor slab, but do not how to drain the water? Any ideas?

Finding the source of drain pipe's flow

There is a copper drain pipe on my house which lately has water running through it. It sits next to the PVC drain pipe that connects to the house's A/C units, but I don't know what it is connected to? This past summer there was only a sporadic drip from this unidentified line, but now it is constantly flowing water. Any ideas?

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