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Can a homeowner aquire permits for drywall and other light renovation?

Can a homeowner acquire permits for drywall, light carpentry, and painting renovations to a house? Nearly all drywall has to be replaced and some carpentry work as well as full painting needed for renovations in the state of Kentucky.

Home Addition Design Costs

I used a CAD design program to draw up plans for a home addition and they're very bland. Cookie-cutter. I know I need to have a structural engineer double check it to get permits. Before I give up, are there templates for additions that can be a little more creative, or should I punt and hire a kitchen designer?

Questions to Ask a Kitchen Remodeler

A question was ask on this site about questions to ask a contractor. I am looking to remodel my kitchen. Are there any specific questions about a kitchen job that I want to ask a kitchen remodeler?

Friend, Remodeling Contractor or Both?

My friend did some beautiful remodeling work in his own home and I've also seen work he's done as a contractor in other homes. He's not officially licensed as a remodeling contractor but I'd like to hire him because he's a friend and it will save me money. Any thoughts?

Sunroom Additions vs. Room Additions

I've recently decided that I want to add on a sunroom to the back of our home. It's a big project but I'd like to take it on myself to save costs. My biggest concern is meeting city code requirements. Is the process different for a sunroom than for standard additions?

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