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What is the Cost Savings for Removable Wallpaper?

I went online and looked at removable wallpaper for our Washington home addition. We want to use the room as a guest room until we have children. I want to know what the walls look like when you take it down and if there are places where the sun fades the paint. And how much does the wallpaper cost?

How Can I Create Distressed Painting

Now that the kids are gone, my wife and I want to really dress up the house. We saw examples of distressed painting in an Italian-style kitchen/dining room in an open house in nearby Long Beach. I don't want to overspend, but I love the effect. Can you suggest some cost-effective ideas and techniques?

Painting Wood Paneling

After spending hours and hours peeling layers of wallpaper off the walls of our living room, we reached WOOD PANELING! We had only budgeted to do the painting ourselves. How much does it cost to drywall a 15' X 12' room? Assuming we can't afford that, what is the best paint process on wood paneling?

How many coats of paint for primed wall?

How many coats of paint should you put on a wall that is newly renovated and primed?

How to Paint a Finished Wood Banister

I would like to paint a finished wood banister in my Boulder, Colorado, residence. How would I go about doing that?

Is There an Inexpensive Way to Remove Lead Paint?

My husband and I recently purchased a gorgeous 1918 Craftsman in Augusta. When we made plans to remodel our home, we discovered that all of the paint contains lead. We can't afford the cost of professional lead removal throughout the entire home. Is there an inexpensive way to remove lead paint?

How to Remove Cabinets for Replacement

We are replacing the old kitchen cabinets in our Sioux Falls home, and we would prefer to do the removal ourselves. However, the cabinets have numerous layers of paint to contend with before we can reach the screws to disassemble them. What's the easiest route to take in removing these cabinets?

Identifying the Cause of Siding Damage

I've noticed that the paint on my wood siding is starting to crack and peel even though I just painted it within the last year or two. What could be causing this problem? Could it be the paint job or a bigger issue involving the siding? I live in Jacksonville, FL.

Why Doesn't the Wall I'm Painting Look Like the Chip Color I Selected?

I'm painting accent walls in three or four rooms in my Reno, NV, home. The paint chip had the perfect color, but it looks lighter and slightly redder on the wall. I can't return the paint for this first room, but how can I do better when painting the other rooms?

How Can I Match Existing Exterior House Paint Color?

I built a little storage shed behind my home in Kenosha, WI. I've brought home countless paint chips but can't match my house paint color, which has no doubt weathered. I have no idea of the brand used on my house. Help!

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