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Options for covering stained concrete floors

The stained concrete floors in my house did not finish like I expected and I'm going to replace them. What are some flooring options that can be laid right over the concrete?

Kitchen Remodeling Traffic Problem in Oklahoma City

My kitchen is U-shaped, 14-by-14, with tons of counter space on three sides, but a poor work triangle. I walk around the built-in island constantly. I'd like to ditch the island, move the refrigerator across the room near the range, and put a broom closet where the refrigerator is. I'd replace the vinyl flooring with tile, and put a round, 2-person bistro set in the middle. The range wall has no plumbing. With medium range choices, should my kitchen remodeling budget be $20,000, $30,000, or (hopefully not) more?

Decking Material for Oklahoma Climate

Composite decking is expensive, but our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, climate will be tough on any material. Will there be any long-term savings and benefits in upkeep and repairs using a composite material versus redwood?

Can you lighten the stain on kitchen cabinets?

My kitchen cabinets are stained a darker walnut and I would like to lighten the color. This isn't new stain they have been finished 20 years ago. I would prefer not to paint the cabinets.

Problem With Attic Ventilation

I have a two story house with a ridge vent on top and gable vents on both sides of my house, the house was built in 1988. I am having a problem with the upstairs staying hot during the day so I started to investigate. I noticed that there are no soffit vents anywhere around the house. My question is with existing gable vents will it be ok to install soffit vents around the house to get better ventilation and take advantage of the ridge vent or will it affect it in a negative way?

Contractor Markups on a Home Addition

I'm suffering from sticker shock on the bids for a kitchen remodel and a new small bedroom addition. Two contractors have bidded with more than a 20 percent markup on materials. Is this a reasonable markup on a home addition or should I keep getting estimates?

What do I use to fill in my floor vents?

I have recently had my duct work put in the ceiling as my floor vents were rotting after 25 years of water in them. Although i have had sump pump for 18 years, it still happened. Someone told me to place a piece of plywood over the duct opening, dump sand into the vent and top it off with about 4" of cement. With all that said, what is going to happen to the sand and is it eventually going to settle if water is still getting in there?

Mortar Repair On a Slate Home

My husband has notice a lot of crackes in the mortar and while pushing in on the sides of the house notices the wall may move. What do you suggest for repair.

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