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How do I get rid of the paint smell in my kitchen cupboards?

Recently I moved into a freshly painted apartment. The kitchen cupboards were painted with oil base paint. All my dishes, glasses and food in the cupboards smell and taste like paint. What can I use to remove this smell? I'm pregnant and afraid of getting sick from this. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Sticky Water-Based Paint on Bathroom Cabinets

We recently had our bathroom cabinets primed and painted with a chocolate brown water-based paint. Our contractor told us after he finished painting that we should have used an oil-based paint. Now the cabinets are tacky/sticky and every time you close and open a door, a tiny bit of paint pulls away. And when I put stuff in the cabinets, it kind of sticks to the bottom of the cabinet. Is there something we can spray or brush onto these cabinets that will make the paint stay in place? Or do we just have to wait a few days for it to harden. Thanks!

Oil or Latex Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

I like the ease of using latex paint because it cleans up without a lot of to-do. But I recently read that latex can take as much as three weeks to cure properly. In our house, there's too much traffic to wait around. Can I use oil paint for my kitchen cabinets, or is that only for experts? Is there a wide difference in cost?

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