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Repairing water damage in a second floor laundry room

We had some water damage in our home's second floor laundry room because the drip pan, which sits under the W & D overflowed. The drain line in the drip pan failed somehow, so after the water filled up the drip pan, it overflowed, eventually soaking through to the lower level. Do I need to replace sheetrock, plywood, or insulation that got wet, but is now dry? Also, what are my options for a floor drain in the laundry room to prevent this from happening again? Thanks for your time.

How do I level a sloped concrete floor?

We have converted our home's exterior patio into an enclosed porch with walls. There is a slope to the concrete floor, which I would like to level prior to framing the interior walls and installing the trim and floor covering. What is the best way to level a sloping concrete floor?

Do you need a drain under a new slab foundation?

I'm building a new home which has both a crawlspace and some slab areas (garage and patio). Do I need to put some sort of drain under the slab portions of the foundation? There is a French drain system around the exterior perimeter. Thanks

Looking for V-channel weather stripping for old double-hung windows

I am looking for V-channel/strip weather stripping for old double hung windows. Specifically vinyl or metal V-strips to stop drafts in 90 year old double hung windows. I have looked at Lowes and Home Depot and they do not carry these. Any ideas as to where I may be able to fine these? Thanks

Window unit air conditioner installed in vinyl windows?

We do not have central AC, but want to replace our wooden windows with vinyl; however, we do not want to drill holes in the vinyl when time to install the window AC in the Spring. Any suggestions?

Is an Attached Room Addition Less Costly Than a Separate Room?

We've got plenty of room in the side yard of our Wilmington, North Carolina, home to either add a home office to the house or build a room addition separate from the house. To attach it, it would wrap around a corner of the house a bit. Attaching requires changing and extending the roof line, breaking through a wall, and the main electrical service must be moved. The existing HVAC will accommodate the 100 square foot room. Is it likely to be more expensive to build the room addition onto the house, or to make a separate building?

Should I request waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard?

We are buying a house in Knightdale NC. My question pertains to waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard. We are having the house built and I have noticed during the drywall inspection that standard white sheetrock is beige used in the bathrooms. Should I request/demand waterproof sheetrock or wonderboard?

Removing the 1/4in luan floor for 3/4in hardwood installation

My 1/4" luan (I think it's luan) has been there for 30 years. It not only had lots of 1" long plus nails holding it down, somebody decided to shoot about 100 brad type nails in it as well. This material basically glued itself to my subfloor. I tried to pry it up, however about 50% will not pry up. It split in layers and I have resorted to using a very sharp 2" wide wood chisel to get under the very thin layers of material that are stuck to my subfloor. Any suggestions ? I may be here another 2 weeks trying to get the rest of it up..but my contractor is coming tomorrow to install my hardwood flooring!

What is involved in installing a skylight on a cathederal ceiling?

I have a cathedral ceiling in which I would like to install a skylight. There are skylights on the other side of the roof, but they are boxed in so the light comes to standard ceiling height. What's involved in this type of project?

Older Vinyl Siding Replacement

I have some older vinyl siding and want to replace the corners with accents. I have been to local stores and found that the corners are a one piece unit. My corners are three pieces. It has two j-channel pieces nailed and the corner snaps onto both strips. I cant find anyone that carries this. So have you heard of this way and where can I find replacements, if they are still available?

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