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Installing Glass Doors in Kitchen Cabinets

My kitchen cabinets look worn out and ugly. I love the idea of replacing the cabinet doors, but I'm not sure I want laminate. Is there a less expensive way to add new cabinet doors with those attractive glass inserts without breaking the bank?

How many coats of paint for primed wall?

How many coats of paint should you put on a wall that is newly renovated and primed?

Why does my toilet keep loosing water from the tank?

I have a toilet that seems to keep loosing water from the tank - fairly slowly. It looses close to 1/3 of the volume then fill back up on its own or if the pressure in the house changes. I have changed the rubber flapper several times but the problem persists. I can't afford to call a plumber, what do you think could be the cause, and how do I correct it?

What kind of paint do we use for a three-season sunroom addition?

We are putting in a three-season sunroom addition to the back of our home. The summers here in Glens Falls, New York are hot, fall and spring temperate, but the winters are frigid. What kind of indoor paint should we use for our sunroom that won't peel or crack under these fluctuating conditions?

How big should a storage shed be to store garden tools?

We live in Elmira, NY and our garage no longer has any storage space left. It is overflowing our cars, the kids' skiing equipment, our snow blower, lawn mower and two snowmobiles. We desperately need room for our garden equipment and would like to purchase a storage shed. What are the dimensions and types of storage cabinets you recommend for an array of garden tools, a lawn mower, bags of mulch, etc.?

Choosing the Right Green Remodeling Driveway Solution

I'm thinking about green remodeling and replacing my driveway with a landscaped turf blocks. Is this a good idea for a home in Syracuse? If so what should I consider?

For My Basement Renovation, How Do I Solve Existing Water Seepage?

I want to completely finish the basement of my home. Rain or snowmelt in this Buffalo, NY, climate has occasionally seeped in through the windows in the basement and created a very small puddle. What's involved in fixing this before I begin the basement renovation?

For My Home Addition, May I Work Alongside My Contractor?

My planned home addition will bump out two exterior walls of an unused bedroom in my Utica, NY, home. I'm pretty handy with tools and would enjoy working hands-on with the licensed contractor I hire (deferring to his greater experience.) Is that possible?

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