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Dry Rot Spurs Bathroom Remodeling

The tile tub enclosure in our 70-year old house leaked, creating dry rot in the floor and the wall framing. Since the wall must be rebuilt, I'd like to do a small bathroom remodeling. I'd bump out the wall two feet and create a custom shower stall with medium-priced tile. The exterior is clapboard siding and I'll tuck a small gable under the existing gable. Any ideas about problems and costs?

Demolition: Is fixed price the standard?

The estimate does not label anything as either T&M, or FP, but he gave me t he hourly wage requirements up front, and asked me to pay material vendors directly. Which led me to believe this was obviously a T&M situation. I feel that paying him another 5K is essentially him stealing from us. Which of us is right?

Which waterproof backer board is best for my bathroom renovation?

How do I know which waterproof backer board is best for my bathroom renovation? I ripped my bathroom walls down to the studs, and now I need to put up the backer board, but there are so many products out there! What should I look for?

What type of nails should I use to hand fasten a bamboo floor?

I am putting in a new bamboo floor using the old timer method of a hammer and nails, then setting each nail with a nail set. I am not using any type of nailer, since it is a very small space. the flooring is 5/8, and I have the rosin paper down already. Do I use finish nails, or common nails? Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Room Addition Gone Wrong, Un-leveled Floors

We had added on a room to our home. At the time we didn't have money to do it totally right. Half of the flooring is concrete and the rest is wood. The problem is that it's not leveled where the concrete floor and wood floor meet. Is there a way to get it leveled with out tearing things out. Some type of cement product? It is a bedroom and the cement is on the ground of the house; the wood has crawl space under it.

Is there such a thing as perma shield water proof sheet rock?

I've used Wonderboard, but this stuff they're showing me isn't green! I am a renter in a NYC apartment, built around 1960. I have had a leak from the apartment upstairs in my 1/2 bathroom and master bath which share a common wall. The leak comes through the ceiling in the 1/2 bath in kind of a square shape. In the master bath, the leak is only slightly apparent in the ceiling.

Plumbing Issues for New Bathroom

I want to run a new water line to a bathroom(recently added on to our home's main floor) and the existing plumbing is copper piping. Can I use plastic piping for the new water line, or does it have to remain copper all the way to the fixture?

Installing a water line for an ice-maker

My new refrigerator has an ice maker, like the last one. The only difference is that I would like to use this feature but never bothered to have a water line installed. The refrigerator sits nearly 15 feet away from the water supply on the other side of the kitchen near a door. Can a water line be installed without a major hassle? Any tips?

Countertop Choice for Kitchen Remodeling

For kitchen remodeling in our Rome, New York, townhome we're going for a contemporary look. I'd like granite countertops. My wife says if you can't actually cut food on granite, why not save money and get granite-looking laminate countertops and use cutting boards on them. Percentage-wise, how much more expensive is granite?

Heated Laminate Flooring Feasibility

We're removing carpet from our Elmira, New York, home, which has cement flooring. I know that laminate flooring "floats" to allow for expanding and contracting, and that they also have a cushioning sheet under them. Is it feasible to have a heated floor under the top quality laminate flooring we plan to use?

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