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Thermal Resistance of Vinyl Replacement Windows

We have lots of days over 100 degrees here in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I'm afraid vinyl window replacements would warp or sag from the heat. Would aluminum window replacements be a better choice, or are my fears about vinyl unfounded?

Building Decks on Flat-roofed Rooms in Albuquerque

Our neighborhood trees now block our view of the mountains in our Albuquerque, New Mexico, home. Would building decks on the flat, rubberized coated roofs of the dining and living rooms create a roof-maintenance nightmare?

When to Replace Old Windows

I pay huge cooling bills all summer in my home in Albuquerque. My windows are only 25 years old and I'm not sure when it is time to replace them. Any tips?

What options are available to install insulation in existing outside walls?

I have zero insulation in my outside walls. Outside is stucco and inside are original tung and groove ceder boards.

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