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How Do I Get Rid of Interior Mold?

The mold in you laundry room is there as a result of there being moisture in your laundry room. In order to remedy your mold problem for good, you will need to keep your laundry room dry. I have seen laundry rooms that have dampness issues and often it stems

How do we prevent mold under the floor joists?

The previous owners turned the garage into a laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. They did nothing to the garage floor, just left it as is and raised the floor to meet the rest of the house (approx 2 ft). We just had to tear out the laundry room floor because of a burst pipe that happened while we were at work. We found out that the people who bought this house and flipped it put a THIN coat of plywood over already damaged floor. The house was originally built in 1950's. After being down on the original garage floor and looking around under there, we found there is no vents under there and there is water damage (not as severe as the laundry room) in the bathroom area. We have planned to tear out the floor in the bathroom during the summer barring any other major event. We want to prevent mold from growing. We did spray the wood under the laundry room and what we could get to, but won't this grow back without proper ventilation? Please help.

Mildew Smell in Bathroom

Tiled bathroom remodeled 3 years ago. Super strong mildew smell. Sink and shower drains clear and colorless. No subfloor staining any place below (shower pan, toilet flange, drains). Fan is vented correctly. Odor is "in the air" not in a specific area. AAV is fine, bathroom is kept hospital clean! No visual mold, no discolored grout. Attic above is insulated and vented properly...this is driving me nuts! Bathroom has no exterior common walls, I had 4 bathrooms done at the same time, by the same crews with basically the same level of quality and workmanship...no issues with the other three. Any ideas?

Damp and mold in our utility room!

We have a single block utility room downstairs with felt roofing. the mold and smell is just starting again and I cant go through another 6 months of the smell and water on the walls and ceiling. We have used mold paint and have a dehumidifer but this doesn't seem to do a great deal about the smell and moisture in the air. Open to all ideas!

Eliminating Basement Mold in Georgia

We emptied the 800 square foot basement of our Savannah, Georgia, home to prepare for some basement remodeling. We notice quite a bit of mold on the walls and floor corners. Is this a problem we can correct ourselves, or should we pay to have professionals clean it?

Mold Trouble in Our Detroit Rental

I own a 1,800-square-foot rental house with four bedrooms. One of the two bathrooms has signs of serious mold down by the baseboards. The renters didn't say anything and when they moved out, we found the mold. I don't want to just cosmetically fix the problem. I've heard that if you don't kill it off early, black mold can invade the whole house. What's the cost of treating an entire home for it? I don't want to rent it again until we solve the problem.

Siding or Housepaint?

One thing about having shingles in the Northwest is that you have to get out the bleach a lot to knock down mold. We paint every other summer, but now it seems a lot of boards and shingles are damaged. I've heard there are also mold problems and warping with siding. Which is more cost-effective?

How Much Will It Cost to Remove Basement Mold?

Sad to say, an inspector told us that our basement has the beginnings of a black mold problem. I heard this can be a catastrophe, costing a fortune. Is there a safe way to handle the problem without getting trapped into a complete basement remodeling project?

There is Mold on my Roof and I Don't Know Why. Help!

The asphalt shingle roof of my Redding, California home is flowering with mold. What causes this? Is it dangerous? What can I do about it?

How to Eradicate Black Mold

The bathroom in my Mobile home has a black mold problem. I've tried scrubbing the ceiling and walls - but the mold keeps coming back. A contractor suggested we put in a ventilation system to resolve the mold issue - but that only slowed the problem down. How can we eradicate this mold once and for all?

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