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Removing mildew on windows

In some rooms of my house there is mildew on the windows. Do I need a dehumidifier? Also I have a little white mold on an attic beam what can I do to stop this?

Is there such a thing as perma shield water proof sheet rock?

I've used Wonderboard, but this stuff they're showing me isn't green! I am a renter in a NYC apartment, built around 1960. I have had a leak from the apartment upstairs in my 1/2 bathroom and master bath which share a common wall. The leak comes through the ceiling in the 1/2 bath in kind of a square shape. In the master bath, the leak is only slightly apparent in the ceiling.

Mildew Smell in Bathroom

Tiled bathroom remodeled 3 years ago. Super strong mildew smell. Sink and shower drains clear and colorless. No subfloor staining any place below (shower pan, toilet flange, drains). Fan is vented correctly. Odor is "in the air" not in a specific area. AAV is fine, bathroom is kept hospital clean! No visual mold, no discolored grout. Attic above is insulated and vented properly...this is driving me nuts! Bathroom has no exterior common walls, I had 4 bathrooms done at the same time, by the same crews with basically the same level of quality and workmanship...no issues with the other three. Any ideas?

Cost for Removing Basement Mildew in Norfolk

It's a damp climate here in Norfolk. The basement smells of mildew, even after we open a few windows for ventilation. How do I know it's not the beginning of a serious black mold problem? What would it cost to bring in a professional to dry it out and put in a sealant?

How do I get the dampness and smell of mildew out of my basement?

I have a sewing room in my finished basement but the basement gets damp and smells of mildew. This could potentially ruin alot of material. The concrete walls are covered with wallboard and painted. The floor is still the bare concrete. There are no apparent leaks in the foundation. It is a walkout basement. It is much better in the winter when the woodstove burns all winter but come warmer weather (SW Michigan) it gets cool, damp and mildewy. There are no windows in this room.

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