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Can my contractor charge profit and overhead on change orders that give me credit?

Although our construction budget had a line item for an $8000 metal roof, we instead chose a $2000 shingle roof. Our contractor is still charging us profit and overhead on the $8000 line item, is this fair?

Is Metal Roofing Energy Efficient in Nashville, Tennessee?

It seems logical to me that metal roofing would get hot and add heat to the house. Yet it's supposed to be energy efficient. If I use metal roofing in Nashville, will it save monthly utility costs?

Will metal roofing require extra insulation?

We like the looks, fire resistance, and permanence of metal roofing to replace our asphalt shingle roof. Will metal transmit heat and cold more than asphalt shingles? What percentage of increase might we expect in utility bills if we don't add insulation?

Roofing for a Palm Bay, Florida, Hurricane-Prone Home

Is a properly installed metal roof more likely to protect my home from hurricane damage than other types of roofing? Our roof is a simple L-shape and currently has asphalt shingles. It seems as if the best roofing might end up being cost-effective if a hurricane hits.

Heated Metal Roofing for Ohio Home

How much extra does it cost, percentage-wise, for materials and installation of a heated metal roof versus an unheated metal roof to replace my asphalt shingle roof in Columbus, Ohio?

Cost Comparision Between Metal and Shingled Roof

I am looking to replace my old roof. I would like to know what kind of roof is the least expensive? Metal or shingled? Is one better or more ideal for my climate?

Metal Roof on Top of Shingled Roof

We need to replace our roof and are considering a metal roof as an option. I have had several different options recommended. 1) Old shingles removed first, 2) Metal roof right over top of existing roof, 3) Metal roof attached to 2 by 4 frame placed over top of existing shingles. Whats the best way to proceed in a climate such as Canaan Valley, WV? Any other suggestions? Have you heard of solar shingles and would they be worth considering?

What thickness board/plywood do you recommend for the decking, for new metal roof?

I was going to use waferboard with a composite roof, but I was told that you should use plywood. Wanted something with a insulation /or foal backing. I am looking at the cost factor also.

Metal mobile home roofing problem

The metal roof on my mobile home is leaking, what is the best way to fix it when you have a limited income?

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