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Affordable Patio Materials Options

I would like to replace my boring concrete patio with something more aesthetic and natural looking but don't want to spend a lot of money. What would you suggest for a home in the dry, hot, Phoenix climate?

Options For Composite Decking Materials

Please help, there are so many composite decking materials, need to know, in your opinions which one is best for cold weather? I live in Michigan.

Which material is best for window replacement? Vinyl, Fiberglass or Composite?

I am looking to replace some of my windows. Which material is best for window replacement? Vinyl, Fiberglass or Composite?

Replacing Vinyl Siding Over Old Siding

The siding on our home in Nashville has faded and the color is ugly now. I have considered replacing it and hear that you can install vinyl siding over existing siding. Is it true and what considerations are there before we bring someone in?

Opting for "Green" Siding

Saving the environment is my passion and I want my home to reflect a high level of eco-consciousness. I've heard the siding comes in a 'green' option made from sustainable and reduceable materials. Where can I find it and how will I know if the siding is truly green?

Roof Replacement Warranties

I live in rural Oregon. Four roofing companies have come out and given us the once over on our shingle roof. Each recommended different shingles based on our pitch and 3-tab existing shingles. But none of the shingle companies offered warranties on algae damage. I heard we need this, since algae have damaged the roofs all around our neighborhood. Can you suggest a solution for a roof replacement that will last and is worth the effort?

Considering Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

I like ceramic tiles just fine, but my wife wants to consider hardwood flooring in the kitchen. There's no doubt that we'll be replacing our kitchen flooring, but don't hardwood floors leak and warp if they're used in the kitchen with all the spills?

Which Vinyl Siding to Buy?

A recent trip to my local home improvement center revealed just how many siding choices there are. For me, more choices increase the stress of buying smartly. What are the characteristics of siding that I should pay most attention to when evaluating several products?

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