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What can go wrong with replacing duct work insulated with asbestos?

I am buying a house that has damaged duct work that is insulated with asbestos. The seller wants to pay the contractor out of escrow at closing, but my realtor thinks it is safer for me to pay for the repairs and get reimbursed from escrow. His worry is that the contractor would not start the work until a few days before escrow closes and risks not finishing the job. What would be the concern in waiting for the last week to do the work? The house is one story, 1900 square feet.

Cabinet Installation in Earthquake-Prone Los Angeles

We're going to line one 20' wall of our Los Angeles, California, garage with 6-foot tall by 2-foot deep cabinets that we assemble ourselves. The L-brackets they supply that tie the cabinet top to wall studs don't seem adequate in earthquake-prone Los Angeles, but the cabinet backs seem too flimsy to bolt to the studs. What's a good solution?

How do you plaster over a popcorn ceiling?

Can I put another layer of plaster once the ceiling has been primed for painting? I can still see dimples but I don't want the plaster to fall. Will it stick on a ceiling that has primer on it? And how many coates can I put on the ceiling? Thanks

Should I consider pitching my old leaky roof?

I have a 3 ply mop down flat roof (3 layers of glass felt, mopped down with asphalt and pea gravel layed on top). The roof has a leak that is getting worst quickly. The roof is at least 20 years old. Should I replace the entire roof, or attempt to repair it, or maybe even consider pitching the roof? I understand that pitching the roof will involve much construction but if I pay for a replacement roof that has to be replaced in 12-15 years, I'm thinking that pitching the roof should at least be considered. The flat roof is about 360 sq feet.

How Can I Create Distressed Painting

Now that the kids are gone, my wife and I want to really dress up the house. We saw examples of distressed painting in an Italian-style kitchen/dining room in an open house in nearby Long Beach. I don't want to overspend, but I love the effect. Can you suggest some cost-effective ideas and techniques?

Friend, Remodeling Contractor or Both?

My friend did some beautiful remodeling work in his own home and I've also seen work he's done as a contractor in other homes. He's not officially licensed as a remodeling contractor but I'd like to hire him because he's a friend and it will save me money. Any thoughts?

The Typical Timeline for a Kitchen Remodel Project

We'd like to update our kitchen--the cabinets and flooring are over twenty years old. We'd like to plan our kitchen remodel so that it has the least impact on our lives. Can you explain the stages of the process and about how long the project will take?

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