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Questions to Ask a Kitchen Remodeler

A question was ask on this site about questions to ask a contractor. I am looking to remodel my kitchen. Are there any specific questions about a kitchen job that I want to ask a kitchen remodeler?

Filing a Complaint Against a Contractor

Apparently our contractor has not paid his subs. I filed a complaint with the CSLB in Sacramento, but we're hounded by collectors. What else can we do?

Questions to Ask a Contractor

We are about to undertake a fairly large remodeling project (2nd story room addition). You hear about so many horror stories involving contractors. We have a list of contractors we like to talk to. We'd like to avoid being one of these stories! What are some red flags to watch out for? What are some of the key questions to ask a prospective contractor?

Is Framing Walls a Job for the Experts?

I just bought a small house in Yuba City, California with tiny closets. There's a bit of room to add on and I'd like to add a walk-in closet. I know adding on means framing walls. Is this something an experienced DIY'er could handle or should I hire a contractor?

Friend, Remodeling Contractor or Both?

My friend did some beautiful remodeling work in his own home and I've also seen work he's done as a contractor in other homes. He's not officially licensed as a remodeling contractor but I'd like to hire him because he's a friend and it will save me money. Any thoughts?

Knowing Which Kitchen Remodeling Contractor to Hire

I'm planning a kitchen remodeling project over the winter months. I've heard horror stories about homeowners hiring the wrong remodeling contractor--so many that's it's a source of tension. Is there any advice you can give us about evaluating a potential remodeling contractor before we give him our business?

Insurance Requirements During Remodels

I heard that you should require that your contractor carry general liability insurance during your remodels. We have comprehensive home insurance and I wonder if that's enough. If not, what do I ask the contractor and what proof should I look at to make sure?

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