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Newly Installed Floor is Not Level

How do you level a floor that has been taken down to the subflooring and has a 1" discrepancy in unevenness? We are floating a 10'x6' screen and the uneven floor is causing it to not sit straight. We just installed new flooring and supposedly the floor installer had leveled the floor!

Room Addition Gone Wrong, Un-leveled Floors

We had added on a room to our home. At the time we didn't have money to do it totally right. Half of the flooring is concrete and the rest is wood. The problem is that it's not leveled where the concrete floor and wood floor meet. Is there a way to get it leveled with out tearing things out. Some type of cement product? It is a bedroom and the cement is on the ground of the house; the wood has crawl space under it.

What is the best way to level a freestanding cabinet?

After installing a new ceramic floor in the kitchen, a free standing slim counter with cabinet that sits at the end of the range is now raised about 3/4 of an inch and is level with the range. The right side is unchanged and sits lower. While this allow for easy installation of the new range, I'd like to lower the counter/cabinet and secure it. Can this be done by shaving off the bottom? What would be the best way to secure it on the ceramic floor?

How flat should a floor be for large tiles?

My wife and I tried to use a cement self leveling underlay on the concrete slab in our kitchen to prep for tiling 18'' tiles. Unfortunately, we did it in 2 batches because we misread the coverage and ended up with hills and valleys. In the worst spots the tile moves about 1/8''-3/16'' when pushed down on certain corners. Would it be safe to go ahead and lay the tiles? Should we try to flatten the floor more? Also, do I need to use concrete sealer before tiling?

How to Level a Stone Patio

My patio is made of stones of different sizes and is very unlevel. My husband likes it because it looks natural, but it is very unlevel how can i make it smooth... a cement grinder?

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