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Why do my windows leak inside around the window trim?

Why do my downstairs windows leak inside, around the window trim at the tops when a driving rain hits? The windows are leaking up top and are wood and vinyl. I have caulked all the way around the window itself where the brick meets the wood. What am I missing?

Is there such a thing as perma shield water proof sheet rock?

I've used Wonderboard, but this stuff they're showing me isn't green! I am a renter in a NYC apartment, built around 1960. I have had a leak from the apartment upstairs in my 1/2 bathroom and master bath which share a common wall. The leak comes through the ceiling in the 1/2 bath in kind of a square shape. In the master bath, the leak is only slightly apparent in the ceiling.

How do I fill a dip in a commercial roof?

We have a flat rubber roof on a small commercial building. Near the bottom there is a dip or belly that holds standing water and is now leaking and damaging the ceiling inside. Is there a product that can be poured to fill this void and make the area flat? We plan on going over the old rubber with a new rubber roof or a roll roofing but are not sure how to fill the void.

How To Fix a Hole In the Ceiling

We have a hole in our living room ceiling caused by a leak in the bathroom above it. How do we cut that part out, fix the leak, the put up the new ceiling area without it looking like there was work on it?

Cost to Repair Walkway and Repair Porch Bricks

What's the approximate cost to repair a walkway and repair porch bricks. The sidewalk is uneven due to the house settling. The front porch walkway is uneven and water is leaking at times into the basement.

Leaking Back Door to Deck

Our back door on our main floor that leads to the outside deck is leaking from the top and then coming down the inside of the door and leaking up under our inside wood floor. Need help to fix. We had one contractor already try to fix it and it did not work. Is there anything I can do on my own to fix this problem?

Cost to Diagnose and Fix a Leaky Basement

After even a small amount of rain, our basement floor is much too damp. I don't know if it's from runoff or seepage. I checked for condensation, but the problem is not from the walls. What's the best way to check for foundation problems and is it too late to use a sealant now? Is this going to cost a fortune?

Moisture on floor and wall. Where is it coming from?

I have what appears to be water (moisture) on the floor and wall in one of the bedrooms. I asked a roofer to check is see if I needed a new roof. I was told that my roof is fine. What else could this be? I see what looks like little water marks on the wall and floor.

What to Do With Wet Drywall

My upstairs neighbor had a leak and in trickled down to my wall and cause a stain on the top of my drywall. The wall bubbled at the top. Is this just a simple resurfacing or do I need to get a new piece of drywall?

Window seal leak warranty repair?

I have Insulate Industries Vinyl windows installed in 1996 with what I believe is a lifetime warranty. A few windows have moisture between the two panes of glass and I want to know how to get warranty replacement windows/repair of these windows.

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