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Repairing water damage in a second floor laundry room

We had some water damage in our home's second floor laundry room because the drip pan, which sits under the W & D overflowed. The drain line in the drip pan failed somehow, so after the water filled up the drip pan, it overflowed, eventually soaking through to the lower level. Do I need to replace sheetrock, plywood, or insulation that got wet, but is now dry? Also, what are my options for a floor drain in the laundry room to prevent this from happening again? Thanks for your time.

Can you plumb walls with pocket doors?

I have a large laundry room I want to split in half and make into a small bathroom with a toilet, small vanity and shower stall. The west wall is the exterior wall, the north and south walls are pocket doors, and I want to wall in the east side and again have a pocket door since the space will be tight. Is this possible? Do I plumb it up through the floor instead of the wall? What about the sink and shower drain? What about venting? Do I have to just run everything along the walls and paint them white to match? HELP !!!!!!

Dryer Vent Backdraft Dampers

We're doing a home addition to gain a laundry room in Orlando. I'm worried about moisture and plan on putting in a decent backdraft damper. How much should I budget for the duct work and damper unit? Are booster exhaust fans really necessary to make sure the damper opens properly?

Laundry Room Flooding Problem

When I wash clothes in my laundry room it floods my living room, and my kitchen sinks won't drain. I have had 2 plumbers come out and they dont tell me anything, but your sink is holding water which apparently I already knew! Obviously, it would be hard without being here to look, but what is your take (or guess) on this? What could be the problem?

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