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Tile floors vs. hardwood flooring

I am purchasing a home that was in foreclosure, so it needs alot of work and maintenance. I have removed some awful carpet from the main level and want to replace it with tile or hardwood floors. Which flooring is going to be easier for me to install, is there a big price difference between the two?

A Splash of Green for Las Vegas Landscaping

I know weeping willows are greedy for water, but I yearn for that sort of flowing greenery amid my desert landscaping. Catching roof runoff probably wouldn't provide enough water. What alternatives for trees or watering can you suggest?

Size Guidelines for Kitchen Islands

I would like to add a rectangular, custom-made island to my Las Vegas kitchen, primarily for food preparation. What are the recommended guidelines for height, width, and length?

Choosing the Right Type of Pool Lighting Additions

I'm upgrading an in-ground pool here in Las Vegas with some new lights and considering my addition options. What are the pros and cons of fiber-optic and incandescent lighting?

What Remodels Give the Best Return?

I recently purchased several foreclosed homes in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of them need work, and I want to accomplish the remodels on them as cheaply and quickly as possible to make them salable. What remodels give the best return on investment in this area--kitchen, bathroom, deck, master suite, or home office?

Insurance Requirements During Remodels

I heard that you should require that your contractor carry general liability insurance during your remodels. We have comprehensive home insurance and I wonder if that's enough. If not, what do I ask the contractor and what proof should I look at to make sure?

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