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Covering new cabinet cases with laminate

I am refacing my cabinets. I'm going to order new doors for my kitchen cabinets and cover the painted cases with laminate: does all the paint have to be removed first? Will the laminate form a good bond with the previously painted cases?

Kitchen Cabinet Painting or Laminates?

I want to sell our home in New Jersey, but not in this market. There are plywood kitchen cabinets in the upstairs rental we have and the doors are worn. Is is smarter to add strip laminate or paint them as opposed to having them redone completely? Could it negatively affect our home value?

Cost of Repairing Kitchen Laminate Counters in New Jersey

I'm not willing to spend money on new laminate kitchen countertops, but there are some chips around the sink that are really annoying. I think I can take out the smaller chips with laminate polish. For the larger ones, how do you find the putty that matches older laminate counter colors? What's the cost of patching vs the cost of refinishing them?

Can New Laminate for Kitchen Countertops Be Applied Over existing Laminate?

Some of my Chatanooga, TN, kitchen countertops were scoured too hard and have scratches. I'm thinking of replacing them myself, as I made laminate countertops for my workshop. Can new laminate be applied over existing, or must I also make new kitchen countertops?

Can Kitchens Utilize Wood Laminate Flooring?

Wood laminate flooring seems like an attractive, low-maintenance floor for our Bremerton, WA, home. Our house (and budget) is modest. We'd like to keep a visual flow by extending the laminate flooring from the living/dining areas into the adjoining kitchen. Is wood laminate flooring okay to use in kitchens?

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