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What is the average cost of laminate wood flooring?

What is the average cost to replace carpet with laminate wood flooring in a living room? The total square foot is about 1000 square feet. I want to do it myself, but if professional installation cost is reasonable I would consider hiring a pro.

Cost of Repairing Kitchen Laminate Flooring in Seattle

I have two damaged boards of laminate flooring in the kitchen. They're the click-flooring type of boards. Do I have to take up all the laminate from the wall to the damaged sections in order to click it together? What will it cost for replacements?

Color Laminate Flooring Design

I am building a game room in our home. I saw a photo of laminate flooring of various colors mixed together that looked really good. Not too dark but not too light either. What colors of laminate can be mixed together to make a unique but impressive flooring job? Just want to hear your design opinion on this.

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