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How can I fix the large gaps in my kitchen floor boards?

The floating wood laminate flooring in my kitchen has several noticeable gaps between some of the floor boards. Unfortunately, some of these boards extend under the kitchen cabinets so I can not easily re(move) them to fix the problem. Any ideas how I can get rid of the gaps along the edges of the floor boards?

Repairing kitchen water damage

I need to replace a couple of the laminate floor boards on my kitchen floor that were warped by water from a leaky refrigerator. My kitchen cabinets are installed on top of the laminate flooring, some of which needs to be removed and replaced. How can I remove the flooring without removing all the cabinets?

DIY flooring installation in basement

I want to install some flooring in our basement (we're finishing the lower level and adding a TV room). What's the best type of flooring for a DIY'er with not much flooring experience?

Installing laminate flooring on top of concrete

What's the best way to install some new laminate flooring over an existing concrete floor?

Is My New Laminate Flooring Damaged Due to Water or the Contractor?

I have some laminate flooring that I think may have been installed incorrectly, but I'm not sure. How can you tell the difference between laminate flooring that is damaged due to water and damaged due to poor installation by the contractor. I worry that the contractor may have installed the laminate too tightly or hammered it incorrectly?

Nails for Hard Bamboo?

I have installed a hardwood laminate floor in my hallway and purchased a reducer strip made of hard bamboo. Unfortunately the 1 1/2 x 17 wire brads I tried to mount the reducer with folded up like wet paper. What kind of nails should I use to fasten the bamboo to the floor?

Durable Flooring for Rental Home

Twice in six years I've ripped out the carpet in the house I rent out because of renter's pets. Would wood laminate flooring be less problematic? Could my wife, son and I really install it? How much per square foot should I spend?

Which is more practical: vinyl wood-like flooring or Pergo flooring?

I need to know which is the better flooring for my money. There is a new vinyl flooring that looks like wood called "Allure". I have children and pets and would like the look of wood flooring in my home. But I've also heard good things about Pergo flooring. Any insight into these two brands?

Heated Laminate Flooring Feasibility

We're removing carpet from our Elmira, New York, home, which has cement flooring. I know that laminate flooring "floats" to allow for expanding and contracting, and that they also have a cushioning sheet under them. Is it feasible to have a heated floor under the top quality laminate flooring we plan to use?

Humidity Problem After New Windows Were Installed

We just finished installing new windows in our house that was built in 1968. Ever since then, I have noticed what appear to be higher humidity levels on the bottom floor. It is concrete but most of it is above ground, but not all of it. I am wondering, now that we have new windows, is it perhaps keeping in more moisture than before creating more humidity? We have laminate flooring over the concrete and it has not been sealed because we never noticed a mositure problem. Is it possible that the unsealed concrete is creating this problem and is sealing it the right thing to do? I have concerns because Ive read in other places that sealing concrete can cause moisture build-up and in turn cause foundation settling....any information you can offer is much apprec iated. Our home would be extremely hard to retro-fit for an air exchange system.

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