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How much does it cost to replace a kitchen exhaust fan?

My kitchen exhaust fan does not work good enough and I want to install a new one. What's the cost of replacing an old kitchen fan, also how hard is it to do the work yourself? Thank you.

Painting Kitchen Floors in Oakland

We're remodeling our Oakland, California, kitchen and want to paint the floor. It's covered with really ugly and scuffed sheet vinyl. Painting is a cheaper alternative than laying a new surface. But there are a few sections that seem to have sunk down. Does it make more sense to take up the entire vinyl to level the floor for painting or just put in a new surface?

Should we fix an old kitchen's sagging floors?

We have an 18th century Pennsylvania house with a uneven flooring in the kitchen. In some places it even sags. While we feel this adds to the charm and character to our home I am worried that the structure of the house is compromised. Should we be worried? Should we get this repaired and what would it take?

Are there any inexpensive granite look-alike counters on the market?

We are newlyweds and recently closed on our first starter home in California. We don't have much cash to remodel our kitchen, which needs it desperately. We would love to invest in a granite countertop, but unfortunately, it's not in the budget right now. Instead, we would like to have a "granite look-alike" but want to stay away from laminate or anything cheap looking. Are there inexpensive alternatives to granite that hold up as well, and look like granite? For example, are there any concrete products that are made to look like granite countertops?

Should kitchens be painted in flat or high gloss paint?

My husband and I are having a debate about what kind of paint to use in our Texas kitchen. He says that painting the kitchen walls in a flat or eggshell paint will look the best. I disagree. It may look good, but its not practical. I believe that kitchens should always be painted in a semi or high gloss for easy clean up of grease and fingerprints. We need an expert's opinion--please help!

How to Run a Water Line for an Icemaker

Our refrigerator died a few weeks ago, so we invested in a new one with an icemaker, good for those Panama City heat waves! But now we can't figure out how to run the water line to the refrigerator. Our home sits on a slab, and the pipes are in the wall. What are the options?

How to Incorporate Green Remodeling

I want to remodel my kitchen, but I want to incorporate green remodeling if possible. What options are available for passive and active solar and other green technologies in kitchens? I live in San Jose, CA.

How to Patch and Paint Drywall

My son busted the drywall in our kitchen here in York. It was an accident, but it left a deep gouge and cracks. I need a contractor's advice to patch and paint it.

Solution for Scratched Bamboo Floors

Like many Californians, we had done some green remodeling and put in bamboo kitchen flooring. Now it's brittle and scratched. I think we used the wrong finish. Is there a solution?

How to Tell if Part of a Wall Can be Removed

I would like to expand my kitchen in Danville, IL, and in order to do this I need to remove half of the wall. How do I find out if it's load bearing?

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