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Are high end kitchen appliances worth the extra money?

I am remodeling my kitchen and need to decide which new appliances to buy. I am amazed at the range of costs for kitchen appliances, and do not know how much I should spend. Do you think that expensive appliances are worth the extra cost if I will be selling the house in 5-7 years?

How much might it cost to redo the plumbing in my house?

The plumbing in my 43 year old house has issues(rusty galvanized pipes), and I have decided that it is time to redo all the plumbing. Do you have any idea how much it might cost to replumb a 1300 sq.ft. house that has 1 and 1/2 baths? Thanks for any help.

Cost to install new sheet vinyl flooring in a kitchen

I am starting a handyman service business-basically doing small carpentry projects and home repairs. Recently a homeowner asked me to replace the plywood sub-floor in his kitchen and install some new sheet vinyl. I have never done this type of project before-any tips on completing the work or any idea how much I should charge for this service?

How can I fix the large gaps in my kitchen floor boards?

The floating wood laminate flooring in my kitchen has several noticeable gaps between some of the floor boards. Unfortunately, some of these boards extend under the kitchen cabinets so I can not easily re(move) them to fix the problem. Any ideas how I can get rid of the gaps along the edges of the floor boards?

Replacing a plywood subfloor in a kitchen

The subfloor in my 300 sq.ft. kitchen needs to be replaced so that I can install some concrete board and new floor tile. How should I start this type of project, and any idea what it might cost? Thanks.

Can I install a new gas stove myself?

I want to replace the gas stove in our kitchen, but the delivery company will not install the new appliance for me. I am curious to know how easy it is to remove and install a gas stove? Do I need to hire someone for this job or should I do it myself? Thanks!

Which DIY projects should a novice avoid?

We are tackling a home renovation right now (kitchen, bathrooms, siding, and flooring). Although we want to do most of the work ourselves, we know that there are some tasks that we should not complete ourselves. Any advice about which DIY projects we should avoid.

How Much Will It Cost for a Kitchen Drop-in Sink

I've been planning on replacing the kitchen drop-in sink at our condo, but the hole in the countertop looks like a custom size. I don't want to spend a fortune making modifications to the counter top. Can you suggest something that works?

Kitchen Remodeling: Porch as Foundation

While planning our kitchen remodeling, we found out that the last owners extended one corner of the kitchen over what was a service porch. Should we have the contractor remove the porch and extend the house's foundation each way to cover the corner or just leave the porch as is? How much does it cost to add about 6' of foundation?

Kitchen Remodeling: Moving Utilities With a Slab Foundation

Our house in southern California has a slab, not a raised foundation. We are talking about kitchen remodeling and are concerned about moving appliances because of the slab. How much will moving the plumbing, the gas line, and electrical outlets add to our overall costs?

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