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Kitchen Remodeling Traffic Problem in Oklahoma City

My kitchen is U-shaped, 14-by-14, with tons of counter space on three sides, but a poor work triangle. I walk around the built-in island constantly. I'd like to ditch the island, move the refrigerator across the room near the range, and put a broom closet where the refrigerator is. I'd replace the vinyl flooring with tile, and put a round, 2-person bistro set in the middle. The range wall has no plumbing. With medium range choices, should my kitchen remodeling budget be $20,000, $30,000, or (hopefully not) more?

Finding the Best Kitchen Island

Last year we replaced our kitchen cabinets, but it doesn't take us long to run out of storage. Now I'm thinking of putting in a kitchen island, but I don't need the rock of Gibraltar consuming my house. Do you recommend rolling islands or are we better off with an island anchored to the center of the kitchen?

Should I Install a Kitchen Island?

I'm remodeling my kitchen and thinking of installing a kitchen island, but I live in a condo here in Nashville and I have a small kitchen (about 8 by 9 feet). Should I install an island or consider other additions instead?

Should a Kitchen Design Include an Island?

We've lived in our house in Colorado for 20 years and I'm finally redoing the kitchen. As I'm planning the kitchen design, I can't decide whether to install an island. We've got the space but how much expense does an island add to a remodel? Is it worth the cost?

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