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Replacing a plywood subfloor in a kitchen

The subfloor in my 300 sq.ft. kitchen needs to be replaced so that I can install some concrete board and new floor tile. How should I start this type of project, and any idea what it might cost? Thanks.

How can I repair a squeaky subfloor ?

I am going to install some ceramic tile on my kitchen floor, but the plywood subfloor squeaks in a certain area when I walk on it. I've used a stud finder to locate the floor joists and then drove in several new screws, but the floor still squeaks. What can I do to stop this problem before I lay the cement backer board on top of the plywood subfloor ?

Repairing kitchen water damage

I need to replace a couple of the laminate floor boards on my kitchen floor that were warped by water from a leaky refrigerator. My kitchen cabinets are installed on top of the laminate flooring, some of which needs to be removed and replaced. How can I remove the flooring without removing all the cabinets?

Is OK to tile an entire kitchen and place cabinets over them?

Yes it is okay to install cabinets over tile. A cracked tile that is half covered by a cabinet can be replaced just as any tile would, it will just take a little bit more work. As with any tile install, I would recommend that a crack isolation membrane be

Cracked Kitchen Flooring

I cropped a big cast iron Dutch oven on my kitchen floor and cracked and chipped a ceramic tile. I can't find a similar tile. What do you suggest as a repair?

Will the original kitchen flooring have to be removed?

Part of my kitchen upgrade is to replace the linoleum floor with ceramic tiles. I plan on pulling the current floor then securing any creaking areas before putting in the ceramic. I spoke with a contractor who said this can be done without removing the old floor. Is it necessary to remove the linoleum? This is the original floor from when I built the home 18 years ago.

Painting Kitchen Floors in Oakland

We're remodeling our Oakland, California, kitchen and want to paint the floor. It's covered with really ugly and scuffed sheet vinyl. Painting is a cheaper alternative than laying a new surface. But there are a few sections that seem to have sunk down. Does it make more sense to take up the entire vinyl to level the floor for painting or just put in a new surface?

How Do Contractors Charge for Laminate Flooring?

Should our Seattle kitchen flooring contractor charge us while the laminate glue dries? It can take as much as 48 hours to dry before the contractor comes back to sign off on the work. Is this a common practice? I'm worried.

Cost for Uneven Kitchen Floor Repair

As part of our kitchen remodeling project, I want to put down a new floor. The kitchen subfloor is uneven and I want to get it right. Do you recommend a self-leveling compound for the job? It's a slab subfloor. I hate to resort to grinding. What about putting plywood above the concrete slab? What's the most cost-effective answer?

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